2023/05/22 NEWS

2023/05/22 NEWS



Today's news from the United States.

The main topics are about the economy and advancements in technology.

"US economy shows signs of recovery as tech giants report record profits" (Source: ABC America)

Summary: The US economy is showing signs of recovery as tech giants report record profits. As the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, technology companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google are posting strong results. These companies' strong performance is driving the overall economic recovery, contributing to increased employment and restored consumer confidence. However, there are still concerns about inflation and supply chain issues, suggesting that a full recovery of the economy may still take some time.

Today's news from the UK.

The main topics are, "UK Government to Invest £250m in Quantum Technology" and "UK's Largest Supermarket Chain Tesco to Remove Plastic Packaging from All Own-Brand Items".

UK Government to Invest £250m in Quantum Technology

Source: BBC UK

The UK government has announced an investment of £250 million (approximately ¥35 billion) in the research and development of quantum technologies. This investment is aimed at promoting the development of new technologies, such as quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing. The government hopes that this investment will make the UK a leader in quantum technology and trigger a new industrial revolution. Furthermore, this investment is expected to create thousands of high-quality jobs and bring significant benefits to the UK economy.

UK's Largest Supermarket Chain Tesco to Remove Plastic Packaging from All Own-Brand Items

Source: BBC UK

Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, has announced that it will remove plastic packaging from all its own-brand products. This is aimed at considering environmental impacts and transitioning to sustainable packaging materials. Tesco expects that this initiative will reduce thousands of tons of plastic waste each year. Additionally, with increasing consumer demand for the elimination of plastic, Tesco's move could potentially influence other retailers.

Today's news from France.

The main topics are France's energy policy and a new tourist spot in Paris.

"France's Energy Transition: A Path to Carbon Neutrality" (Source: FTV France)

France has set an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To do so, it needs to transition most of its energy supply to renewable energy. The government has introduced policies to promote the adoption of solar and wind power, which are seen as the key to this energy transition. However, the introduction of these technologies comes with significant costs and also raises issues of compatibility with existing energy supply networks. The French government is focusing on technological development and infrastructure to overcome these challenges.

"Paris's Newest Attraction: The Floating Gardens of the Seine" (Source: FTV France)

The city of Paris has created a new tourist attraction where citizens and tourists can enjoy nature: the gardens floating on the River Seine, known as "floating gardens". This project aims to promote urban greening and biodiversity conservation. The gardens are planted with a variety of plants and also serve as a habitat for wildlife. Furthermore, the gardens are used as a relaxation space for citizens. This project, which aims to integrate urban and natural environments, has become a new attraction in Paris.


Today's news from Germany,

The main topics are about Germany's economy and energy policy.

"Germany's Economy Shows Signs of Recovery Amid Global Challenges"

This article reports that the German economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to recent statistics, Germany's GDP increased by 2.5% compared to the same period last year, which is the highest growth rate since the 2008 financial crisis. However, there are still global challenges such as rising inflation and soaring energy prices. The German government is revising its economic policies to address these problems.

"Germany's Green Energy Transition: A Model for the World?"

For many years, Germany has been promoting a transition to renewable energy. This article explores whether their efforts could serve as a model for other countries in the world. Germany achieved its goal of switching over 40% of its energy supply to renewable energy by 2020, but it still depends on fossil fuels. The article explains in detail how Germany will overcome these challenges and what lessons its experiences can provide for other countries.

Today's news from the Middle East.

The main topic is the escalating tensions over Iran's nuclear development and its relations with neighboring countries.

Title: "Iran's nuclear program: A ticking time bomb in the Middle East"

This article details Iran's nuclear development program and its impact on security in the Middle East region. Iran is advancing its nuclear development, which is causing anxiety among neighboring countries, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia. These countries are concerned that Iran's possession of nuclear weapons would disrupt the regional power balance and threaten their national security. Moreover, Iran's nuclear development program could further deteriorate its relations with the international community. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has pointed out that Iran is not complying with the nuclear agreement, which could lead to new sanctions. Under such circumstances, tensions in the Middle East region are escalating.

Today's news from South Korea.

The main topic is that LG, a major South Korean company, has announced its entry into a new smartphone market.

Title: "LG announces new smartphone market entry"

LG has announced its entry into a new smartphone market. This is a significant move after the company withdrew from the smartphone business last year, and the entry into the new market is part of its business strategy. The new smartphone will be equipped with advanced AI technology, aiming to make users' lives more convenient. The company also hopes that this new product will help it regain competitiveness in the smartphone market.

Today's news from Japan.

The main topic is about Japanese films submitted to the Cannes Film Festival and their impact on domestic box office.

Title: "Cannes Slots May Give Japanese Auteurs Box Office Boost at Home"

This article suggests that two Japanese films that will be shown at this year's Cannes Film Festival could significantly affect box office revenues at home. The films "Monster" by Hirokazu Kore-eda, a highly acclaimed director internationally, and "Neck" by Takeshi Kitano, are submitted to the Cannes Film Festival and both works have high expectations for box office revenue in Japan. "Monster" will be screened in the competition category and is scheduled to be released by Gaga Corporation on June 2nd. If these films are recognized at the Cannes Film Festival, their domestic box office revenues could greatly increase.


As an American businessman

As an American businessman, I view these international developments with a calculated, discerning eye. The German economy's resilience is heartening, showcasing the strength of Western markets, even amidst global challenges. It emphasizes the need for us to stay adaptable, learning from their evolving economic and energy policies.

The escalating tensions in the Middle East, particularly Iran's nuclear ambitions, underscore the critical necessity of political stability for business operations. It is a stark reminder that geopolitical complexities cannot be underestimated and require a comprehensive strategy.

South Korea's news is a testament to the relentless innovation in the technology sector. LG's re-entry into the smartphone market after their withdrawal is a bold move, signifying that we, too, should never shy away from revisiting past decisions if market conditions change.

Lastly, the potential success of Japanese films in Cannes, and their predicted domestic box office performance, highlight the growing influence of the cultural industry on a global scale. It's a reminder that consumer tastes can shift and that diversification can be key.

In conclusion, these developments underline the importance of adaptability, calculated risk-taking, and geopolitical awareness in our quest for business growth. The global marketplace is a constant chess game, requiring anticipation of the next move and flexibility to adapt swiftly.


As a British businessman,


As a British businessman,these international updates are taken under advisement with a keen and strategic perspective. Germany's economic resilience is indeed encouraging, demonstrating the fortitude of Western economies in the face of broad-ranging challenges. This emphasises our duty to remain nimble and open to learn from their evolving economic and energy models.

The rising tension in the Middle East, specifically surrounding Iran's nuclear programme, accentuates the dire importance of political stability in our business endeavours. It serves as a stern reminder of the intricate geopolitical landscape that must not be overlooked and calls for a thorough, strategic approach.

The news from South Korea reinforces the ceaseless drive for innovation in the tech sector. LG's audacious re-entrance into the smartphone market post-withdrawal is a bold play, reminding us that we ought not hesitate to reconsider past decisions when market conditions evolve.

Finally, the potential triumph of Japanese films at Cannes and their projected impact on domestic box office success underscores the burgeoning influence of global culture industries. It's a cue to us that consumer preferences can evolve and that industry diversification might be a valuable asset.

In sum, these developments underscore the primacy of adaptability, judicious risk-taking, and geopolitical acuity in our pursuit of commercial expansion. The global marketplace is a perpetual game of chess, demanding predictive insight and rapid adaptability.